Johnson & Johnson institute - course summaries

The Johnson & Johnson Institute runs a wide selection of courses to suit the educational needs of people working within the UK optical industry at any stage of their career.

Please see below the list of the courses we have available, and a link to the course summary for your information.

If you would be interested in attending a course for which there are currently no scheduled dates, please email [email protected] or call 01530 410476 to register your interest.

Some of the courses may incur a  fee.  The payment is a contribution to the administration, materials, catering and faculty for the duration of the course.  If a fee is levied on a course, the fee does not cover any accommodation or travel; that is the responsibility of the delegate attending.  The fee will be published once a course date is confirmed.  For more information on our course payment and cancellation policy go to:  

For some courses delegates may receive a contribution towards the costs of travel and accommodation.  For more information please go to:  

The Courses

  • DON'T PANIC! Emergency Patient Presentations for Optometrists   
  • 2 day course £250
    • Patients often present to their optometrist for advice and help with concerns about their eyes. Community based optometry is changing rapidly and the scope of practice of an optometrist is greater than ever. With more clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) contracting minor eye condition (MECs) schemes the role for the optometrist is likely to increase further. This course has been designed to help optometrists who are considering MECs accreditation, or as a refresher for those already accredited, as well as anybody interested in looking to explore independent prescribing as a qualification.
  • Getting to Grips with Dry Eye - New and Revamped!       
  • 2 day course £250
    • As Eye Care Professionals more and more of your patients are presenting with the signs and/or symptoms of a tear film disorder. With evolving roles in primary care, you as optometrists, independent prescribing optometrists and contact lens opticians are in an excellent position to treat and manage this complex condition for the benefit of your patients. Improving the level of care you provide for these patients is key to a successful contact lens practice and high patient loyalty
  • Newly qualified optometrist course
    • Having proven your clinical skills and successfully navigated the College of Optometrists' Scheme for Registration you might feel apprehensive about dealing with patient without the support of your supervisior or mentor. To help you bridge the gap between recently qualifying and practising with confidence that years of experience brings, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute has developed a programme to accelerate your development.
  • Healthy eyes, happy patients
    • Are you meeting patient needs?  A ‘healthy’ vision correction option meets both the functional and emotional needs of your patient. These may differ between patients, and can change over time. The eye care professional’s ability to improve patients’ lives, through delivery of healthy vison correction options and their role in preventative medicine continues to evolve. 


  • Presbyopia and its management with contact lenses
    • With the presbyopic population increasing and also maintaining a more varied and active lifestyle, eye care solutions for your presbyopic patients need to keep apace. This course will help you meet these patient needs.


  • UV - You can't run, but you can hide!
    • As eye care professionals you have an increasingly important clinical role to play; patients expect you to be able to identify and proactively recommend the best personalised solutions, not only for visual performance, but also for their long-term eye health.


  • Astigmatism: potential is all around you
    • With nearly half of our patients requiring astigmatic correction and one in four having significant astigmatism in one eye, it’s important to satisfy these patients’ needs. Although the fitting of soft astigmatic contact lenses has been greatly simplified, the proportion of patients that are fitted with toric lenses still remains below its full potential and a disproportionate number of astigmatic patients drop out of wearing contact lenses.


  • Effective patient communication
    • Every patient is different and the way we communicate with them needs to be tailored to their needs. Appreciating your own character traits is an important step in understanding patients and how to get the most out of every customer relationship
  • Returning to work - confident & refreshed
  • 2 day course £250
    • Eye care is continually evolving and we can now provide better services to our patients than ever before. It can be daunting though, if you've taken time off to spend with your family or a career break, changed your working environment or just not worked with certain groups of patients or techniques.
  • Effective eye examination course
  • 1 day course £150
    • Are you happy that your eye examination is as efficient and effective as it could be? Are you are returning to seeing patients after some time away or new to the profession and really looking to increase your efficiency? Or just simply interested in enhancing your techniques? Then look no further!