Great success for Brooke Hutchins – the 2018 recipient for the ‘Success Through Education Programme’ (STEP®) Educational Project Grant who went on to have her project titled ‘Patient Attitudes to Presbyopia and its Corrections’ published as a BCLA poster.



1. Provide your patient with all of the options available to them. If all of the options are explained to them by their practitioner, then the patient can make an informed decision based on their needs and requirements.

2. Recommend options based on comfort and convenience. Take a look at all aspects of their lifestyle and enter the conversation with this mindset.

3. Be empathetic with patients with presbyopia. Try not to dismiss their feelings because it affects patients in a lot of ways and they are often not fully informed about what presbyopia means. This links back to provision of information. There’s no harm in mentioning these age-related changes to patients before they occur, so they are more aware of why it happens and prepares them.


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