We understand that it is a difficult time for your practice, and you may have faced significant changes that have impacted all areas of your business. Here at ACUVUE®, we are putting in all our efforts in to help you to manage the situation and we hope that there are now better days in sight.


Reopening your practice

Many practices have started to reopen and this means your patients will now have the opportunity to book an eye examination if they need to or if they already have a prescription, they can purchase more lenses from you. We will be giving you plenty of support during this time by providing access to the right knowledge and resources so you can safely deliver the best care to your patients.

For patients coming into your practice for the first time since reopening, you can share some of the things they can expect to happen to keep them and staff safe during visits.

Just download our handy guide here:




Please reach out to your ACUVUE® Account Manager about how we can further support you and your practice.


Technology and its benefits


During the pandemic, technology has allowed you to support and communicate with your patients. That’s why it’s important that we consider the value of technology and the ways in which it can help you in the coming months and years.

Your ACUVUE® Account Manager will be able to offer you some advice and support on how to achieve this.




Set up online booking 

Online bookings can help patients to book an appointment at a time that is most convenient for them, or simply reschedule if they need to. This will help you to manage your appointments and allocate the right amount of time for patient care

Make better use of social media

Information about your practice can be easily accessed by patients through social media and you can share advice, along with offers and promotions. It also allows you to maintain contact with your patients in-between their appointments and at times when you’d be otherwise unavailable.

Video appointments 

Video appointments may be particularly useful when dealing with patient queries. Patients can book a video appointment with you when it’s not necessary for them to visit you in- person. Or, if they have a question or concern that cannot wait for a routine appointment, you could speak to them on the same day.


We're here to help in whatever way we can

If you need further advice about any of the information we have provided here, please contact your ACUVUE® Account Manager.